Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mom can amaze me on a daily basis with her incessant talking.

No one needs to respond, no one needs to necessarily be there and she will just talk talk talk.  I realize that she's been talking today, and I've zoned out and have moved onto other things and every once and a while I'll zone back in - like checking up on her, and -yup - she's still talking.  It's amazing~ really

This gets me crazy when the kids are needing attention, asking three different things at once and she's still talking, over and at me . . . I do my best to remain respectful, but usually someone gets a curt tort from me "Just a MINUTE!"


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Lucretia Heart said...

My mother--? Hardly talks at all. She's this quiet (but never mousy) person. She'll talk a bit to her sisters on the phone (one of which is a hoarder like her) but its like pulling teeth for me to have any sort of actual, back and forth, conversation. She's like a brick wall that doesn't respond to anything I say. Very frustrating.