Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something else that drives me crazy

It's what I call "double parenting" me . .

My daughter, surprisingly, eats pretty healthy by choice.  She loves cucumbers, carrots, celery or apples and we usually have one or more of these with lunch that she helps herself to, but in the mornings she usually eats just a buttered toast.  That's what she wants and she does just fine until lunch time.

This morning we were getting ready to leave to go to walk to her school and mom starts telling her that she needs to pick something like an orange or something to eat.  Not ask or offer, but tell her she MUST pick something else to eat before she goes to school.  And I'm standing right there.

My daughter- meanwhile is starting to stress out, since this has NEVER been the case, all she wants is toast.

And I have to step in and put my foot down - That is not a rule here, mom.  My daughter has never needed to do that, and usually leaves like this.

I pretty much have to veto all my mom has just said.

I get a little resistance - some talk- maybe something to the point of "I was just offering" but to be honest I wasn't listening, because I didn't care.  My home, my daughter, my rules.

And like I said before - this is totally under the realm of "normal" if it just wasn't all the time.

And another thing

This incessant talking.  I sat down to watch American Idol with my mom yesterday.  And she talked through/over the whole thing.  I think she might be a narcissist?  When I did zone into what my mom was saying it usually was about her talent, her experience or her opinion of another's talent . . .

But she does talk through movies, tv shows and the like.  And once she stops talking - she falls asleep!

I kid you not. :-)

And yet she'll say that she LOVES watching said programs/movies and only make comments as any other person might express an opinion during a show.

Thats the sneaky part of this madness - everything she does is generally appropriate to a point.  Any isolated incident can easily be justified away . . . but it's the "all-the-time" ness of it that get to you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mom can amaze me on a daily basis with her incessant talking.

No one needs to respond, no one needs to necessarily be there and she will just talk talk talk.  I realize that she's been talking today, and I've zoned out and have moved onto other things and every once and a while I'll zone back in - like checking up on her, and -yup - she's still talking.  It's amazing~ really

This gets me crazy when the kids are needing attention, asking three different things at once and she's still talking, over and at me . . . I do my best to remain respectful, but usually someone gets a curt tort from me "Just a MINUTE!"