Friday, July 20, 2012

My house - the one room wonder.

Maybe it's not just children of mental illness, maybe it's families too or maybe it's just me - but ever in the back of my mind I find myself trying to figure out the why the how of this . . this . . whatever it is.

At least the hoarding. I can put a finger on the hoarding.  I can positively identify it -

I think for each hoarder it is a number of things that build up and add into the hoarding.  One of the things, maybe, is dyslexia. Which runs through my family.  My mom has it, I have it to a degree and my daughter is very dyslexic.  While researching about dyslexia I found out that one of the weaknesses dyslexics can have is with organization.

Huh - imagine that.

I know I struggle to maintain my home.  A real battle, and I feel like I can only get one room "done" at a time.

True that at any one time, if you happened to come over, I'd have only one room nice while the others are . . well, strewn.  I do have kids, after all.

Then is it another thing of children of hoarders to be ever nagged by the thought "It could be me?" - so in my one room wonder I often pat myself on the back when I put something away, pick something up, toss something out with the thought "My mother wouldn't have done that." And I feel GREAT having a place to put, say, my hair brush.  I know where my kids tooth brushes should be, and the toys have a home, even if they most often are not there.

That feels SO GOOD, but not good enough so that my living room floor is clear right now.

Yeah. Nope.

Just so you know, my living room, kitchen, dinning room and my bedroom are messy right now, BUT my bathroom and the kids bathroom looks great.

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Sidney said...

You've got the essentials down, it sounds like. Just keep slowly building those habits! Great job.