Friday, June 15, 2012

You never know.

I've had a reprieve from my mother's constant needy-ness since she lived in a different state where her siblings met her needs.

Past Tense.

She has found a senior apartments that have accepted her in my small little town.

So today on the drive there to her new apartment we pass by a garage sale.  


And she bought 3 of those VHS/TV things.  Yes. 3

Why? Because they were 1 dollar each, and one might not work - so at that price might as well get them all.



Roll Cage Mary said...

I had a mad mother who hoarded stuff and people's energies, it's beyond tough. I notice your bookshelf there on the sidebar; you might like to read 'The Tricking of Freya' by Christina Sunley.

You may enjoy it.

Sidney said...

ARgh! I advised against my boyfriend buying a NEW one of those. If one component breaks then the entire unit is pretty much worthless.

I'm glad your mom found senior apartments. Hang in there.